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Guitar Lessons

In case you didn’t know, I teach guitar at Ewing Music in Mall 31 on Saturdays.  If you are interested it costs $60 for 4 lessons.  Each lesson is 30 minutes.  I am not a drill sergeant so we move at whatever pace you give me.

If you didn’t realize I even played guitar here’s some background.  I have been playing for approximately 18 years.  I have studied jazz, rock, classical, folk, flamenco, rock, metal, and bluegrass.  I don’t practice with a pick very often and therefore am not that impressive with a pick anymore.  I do however know all the steps to take to get good with a pick and can impart that knowledge to you.  I do not practice with a pick very often because I can finger pick as fast as most metal players can pick.  I can teach you that too.

Materials needed for the class include a guitar, manuscript paper with tablature, and possibly a book.

Practice accessories I recommend for any style include a metronome and a tuner.

In 2005, I wrote my project paper for Technical Writing in college on making a first time guitar purchase.  I have uploaded it for your use.  Note I’m lazy and didn’t edit the links but my favorite online instrument store is  While I do not necessarily believe the other sites in the document are outright evil, I do believe you’ll get the best value, quality, and service at Sweetwter.

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