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History of a Name


I tend to get asked a lot about my name.  I considered being mysterious about it for a long time but eh.  We give our own words meaning.  If I punch you in the face while yelling “SPOON!” then I certainly am not thinking of the utensil.

MusiM is really a product of my history more than anything.  When I was 16, I handed out music I made on cassette tape under the alias Mechanical Saviour.  Marilyn Manson then brought out his album Mechanical Animals so I decided I needed a name change.  The entire purpose of using the alias Mechanical Saviour was to combine in a name the idea of technology being religious, or science as religion if you will.

I also loved the idea of saving people with music, as egotistical as it is.  But really its only egoistical if I talk about my music saving people.  Music saves people all the time.  How many times have you, dear reader, been angry and driving when you put on a song that took all that anger out of you and made you level again?  How many times have you experienced loss only to put on a song and find solace in memories or hope?  I very much hope my music achieves this, but please do not call me egotistical for wishing it.

The next alias I took was the result of an email accident.  I was trying to think of an email name along the lines of mechanical saviour but different that I could also use as a new music alias.  So in frustration I wound up signing on as Musicmessiah.  Many a message board would soon come to woe that name.  I was a bit of an elitist prick.

Anyway so that worked fine for a few years but the simple fact is Musicmessiah could never be a band name.  I was also entertained at the time at how IDM bands would make up words for song names and such all the time.  I wanted a name that would be easy to adapt into logos so I took out a bunch of letters and came up with MusiM.

This may seem like a disappointing tale.  The name I choose for my alias has at least no American alternate meaning (although it may be a name in middle eastern countries, I’m not sure).  But really what should a name represent?  Why should my name mean anything but me?  Many a band have made up words for band names that have become iconic whether you respect them or not.  And such concludes my tale.

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