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The deciBel gig in Austin was fun.  I had never made it out there before and it was a neat city.  I wish I had had more time to spend there.

My MIDI keyboard is dying.  I didn’t realize this until I used Trent’s MIDI keyboard on the deciBel gig.  Its been a while since I’ve bought any new equipment so it will be nice to go through all the research again.  I’m not the type to buy a whole bunch of equipment I don’t need.  There are so many nuances to the hardware and software I already own its hard for me to justify buying something else most of the time.  Anyone have any MIDI keyboard recommendations?  I’m looking for something with a minimum 4 octaves in weighted piano keys.  As for MIDI functionality, 4 knobs and a mod wheel has been enough for me in the past, although I’m sure I could find uses for sliders and additional knobs.  Also note that I’m cheap as hell.

In other news, I found someone on a forum that I frequent that is working on an unofficial mod for Dragon Age: Origins.  I am now enlisted in doing the soundtrack work for the mod.  I do not know if he has any aliases that he wishes me to refer to him as in a public forum while is why I’m not telling you who.  As for the rest of the details for the mod, I will let you know when we’re done.

Also if you haven’t heard, deciBel is opening up for VNV Nation on April 5th at the Marquee in Tulsa I do believe.  Unfortunately I can’t seen to find a digital flyer with our name on it so I will add that at a later date.

That’s all the news I have for now.  See you later.

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