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Its that time of life again where I get to update all my equipment and learn new things.  I’m more of an at home artist so live application is really a seperate subject to me.

My MIDI keyboard died and I’ve decided to buy something with a bit more spunk.  Right now I have it down to between the Axiom Pro 61 key and Novation’s MKII 61 key.  The Akai MPK would be included if it didn’t have an $800 price tag, which is a bit much, in my opinion, to pay for a MIDI controller.  A lot more people seem to like getting the Axiom’s which turns me off from it really.  When you’re working on music that is distinctive of what sound you use, picking the less popular but good equipment/software is oftentimes the best way to go to keep a unique sound.  But it is just a controller so the difference would be that it would affect the method of music creation more than the actual sound.  The other problem is the Axiom Pro looks so much better than the MKII and its really a silly thing for me to get hung up on.  The features for both controllers seem fairly equal to me and I don’t use any of the software any of them are preprogrammed to and I have no intention of changing that.

Next up is pro audio interfaces for PC’s.  Although I do like Mac’s and would love to own one someday, they’re a bit expensive.  Unfortunately I know next to nothing about pro audio interfaces for PC’s as I’ve never owned one.  I have no idea how I made it this far without owning one but its sadly true.  I have a lot to learn as I’m tired of all the line noise I get from plugging into my sound card.  Currently the RME Multiface II/HDSPe Bundle is the unit I am investigating.  The idea is to buy an interface that would allow me enough channels to record a live drum kit.  I have never owned an RME product so it will be interesting when I can actually find some tech reviews.

And last but not least, do I make a new computer?  My old computer has so much potential to it.  There are a couple bugs I need to fix if I am to continue using it and I’m not so sure I have the means to mess with.  I kind of just want to retire it to a gaming PC and keep it with my TV.  The first two items mentioned I can probably afford to do in the next half year, the computer not so much.  Next chance I get I’m going to see if AMD still uses the socket type that my computer uses.  The motherboard I purchased for it is one of the most impressive pieces of work I’ve ever seen (12 SATA slots, dual socket, supposedly accepts quardcore CPU’s,  8 ram slots, etc).  The other catch is do I bother with getting a rack mount case?  The idea behind a rack mount for me would be to have a cleaner studio as I would never take my main PC to a live show.  I currently do not use any rack equipment but that is something I have intention to change.

Anyway food for thought.  If you dear reader have any input, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

RME Multiface II/HDSPe Bundle

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