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Equipment Ordered


So I decided and placed an order.  Here’s what I’m waiting to be delivered and why:

Novation SL MKII 61 Key MIDI controller

The toss up was between this and the Axiom Pro model.  Akai would have been a contender had their controller been less expensive.  Note that none of these controllers are available to me locally.  I did find a regular Axiom and I didn’t really like the drum pads on it.  Combine that with the Pro’s unintuitive LCD screen and the Novation won by hair.  If I were rich I would own them both.

RME PCI card and Multiface II

The pro audio interface was the hardest part for me to decide on.  Originally once I found out MOTU was within my budget I was going to go with them.  But after a friend referenced their open hostility towards Linux and I verified it, I just couldn’t bring myself to support MOTU no matter how good their stuff is.  Realistically, I’m never going to have the time to learn Linux and program it to my needs but I still want to see Linux succeed someday.  Another unit I was looking at was a product Tascam was offering that was basically an 8 preamped channel firewire mixer that had a lot of software based controls.  It looked like a good unit but I already have a couple mixers of varying size cluttering up my studio room, I really didn’t want another one.  Add that to the fact that I’ve never been a Cubase fan, which is what it came with, and RME won.  The Multiface unit doesn’t have preamped channels which kind of sucks.  But at the same time from the research I’ve done you really don’t get good preamps until you upfront buy a preamp.  So that’s my current plan, here in a year I’ll buy an 8 channel preamp to hook into the RME interface.  I also purchased a cheap non-portable rack mount so I can hopefully create some order out of my music studio room.

Native Instruments Komplete

What can I say?  I love Native Instuments software.  Part of me wants it to be my secret just how good their stuff is and the other part of me wants every musician I know to use the software so I will be challenged to make even more out of what Native Instruments provides.  I’m just sad because its taken me this long to give them my money.

My last hardware project for the year is putting together a new computer.  I won’t be able to start this until probably the fall.  I do not believe I’ll actually need a new computer unless I try recording all 8 of those channels from the RME at once.  My current computer isn’t bad but its also AMD’s shame.  I used their first quadcore setup available, which amounts to a socket L board with two FX74 chips.  So one of those processors has stopped working for reasons unbeknown to me along with half my ram but the computer still works.  Yeah, I have no idea.  I’m usually a big AMD fan but the FX processors use a ton of wattage, run hot as hell, and now apparently can’t be found anywhere.  My plan is to retire that to a gaming PC and put together a PC that will be strictly for audio.  I’m looking at Intel’s i7 (one of the cheaper ones) and an EVGA server board (one that costs more than the i7 processor I’m looking at) with 12 GB of ram.  I’m also debating on enrolling in a community college computer class just so I can get a discount on Windows 7 Ultimate (I got XP 64 Pro when it came  out for $20 because of that C++ class – plus I like to learn stuff).

I really need a new stereo to do EQ on as well.  Oh well, I hate EQ’ing.

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