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Equipment update


I’m not familiar enough with what I’ve purchased to write a review but I can tell you a little about it.

First and foremost, Native Instruments DOES NOT LIKE VISTA.  Yes, I now have all of Komplete working in Ultimate Vista 64 bit but it didn’t start that way.  Another interesting bit, Absynth 5 has a huge amount of latency on my latop whereas Absynth 3 has none…

I really am impressed with NI.  K0ntakt has been the program I’ve been working in most.  A lot of my time has been spent experimenting with setting up the MIDI as Native Instrumnts is not one of the brands Novation’s Automap automaps to.  Plus I’m not used to using natural sounds anymore so I’m re-acclimating to that.

The Novation SL MKII is a very nice piece of equipment.  My only real complaint is the mod wheel is actually a joystick and  is spring loaded and split with the pitch bend (pitch takes horizontal, mod takes vertical).  I’m not sure if I had known before hand if it would have caused me to shift to purchasing the Axiom instead or not.

I’m still waiting on the RME PCIe card and Multiface II.  Evidently the company I ordered from has to special order them and they haven’t gotten mine in yet.  Its kind of annoying since we’re going on our second week and the initial equipment was shipped to me within 3 business days.  But at the same time, I still have a lot to learn about what I’ve already received.

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