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In Twlight and Requiem


I can’t promise that this post is about anything in particular, just varied subjects.  Also the only reason the word “requiem” is in the title is because the word twilight has been tainted with sparkles and these titles have to sound thoughtful and dramatic to defy the actual content.  That was a mix of humor and sarcasm for those taking it too seriously.

The VNV Nation show with deciBel was an eye opener.  For a show in Tulsa for an EBM act we had a pretty good showing.  I expected to be rejected by the crowd in their wait for VNV Nation.  I was so entirely wrong.  The show went fantastically.  Clint from System Syn is a super nice guy.  Actually gave us a shout out when they played.  VNV didn’t seem to engage with any of us (deciBel) though.  They didn’t thank System Syn or deciBel.  But nevertheless, VNV did put on a fantastic show.  And when I did speak with Ronan, he was nice, not that I talked to him about my musical projects or anything.  Interesting tidbit, Ronan was in his 30’s when released his first VNV Nation album (assuming Wikipedia’s dates are correct).

Being a musician, I tend to have a love and hate relationship with my music.  There are times when it sounds so utterly dull and simplistic to me I can’t stand it and start trying to convince myself to quit.  And there are other times where my music is the only thing I want to hear.  I’ve been called certain elaborate names for enjoying listening to my own music but I mean really, if I can’t enjoy my own music how can I expect anyone else to?

I should finish my MusiM album.  And the deciBel album is just as close to being completed.  I have at least some available credit to produce these items to if need be although I would rather not go that route.

The other night’s show at Eclipse was the typically Tulsa affair.  As deciBel, we played for a dozen or so people composed of the other bands and promoters, all which we’ve been in the same situation so many times under so many band names we’ve learned to call each other friends.  Tulsa isn’t big on supporting local bands.  They support popular people with social skills, rock ‘n’ roll bands, and cover bands.  I’m not bitter although I could see how you could come to that conclusion.  Its simply the life of anyone in music.  Failure is par for the course.

The love for music is such an odd thing from an artist’s perspective.  I can’t count how many times I’ve showed friends and strangers alike the exact same song only to have them announce they love my new song the fifth time listening to it.  No they don’t realize they’ve listened to it five times.  Or if they do realize it, they think something has changed even though it hasn’t.But maybe its not so strange.  There are plenty of bands that have grown on me the more I listen to them.

The RME Multiface II I ordered has been on backorder for a long time.  At first, I was told April 14.  Now I’m told May 5.  I did some investigating with other companies and everyone is in the same boat.  What’s funny is some of the research I did was on the phone with Guitar Center because I figured they’d have first dibs on stuff.  Note that I have and had no intention of ever giving them business.  The funny part is how proud the sales person was over the phone, telling me they would get first dibs and he could check with his regional distributor and how they had a really good relationship with RME except…  well…  he had never heard of RME.  No he didn’t tell me that but after next getting the company name incorrect multiple times after I told him it was pretty obvious if not humorous.  “Oh yeah we have a great relationship with RNY.  I’ll just contact my regional and yeah I’m looking at the screen seeing they’re backordered until May 4th but you can preorder a PNY with with us anytime.”

I still have a lot to learn about Komplete.  I’ve started with Kontact as I want to use or at least have the option of using natural sounding instruments in my music.  Plus if I’m going to do video game soundtracks I need that option.  Its a nice piece of software.  Too bad it doesn’t work properly as a VST in Acid 6.  I think they’re up to Acid 9 now so I might look into seeing if it works properly there.

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough.  See you soon.

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