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Material on Podcast


I probably should mention I’m doing music for The Carousel Podcast.  In the future we’ll probably material from whatever it is we’re discussing but the intro will remain the same for a bit at least.   The opening track is something I wrote more recently, just as something that was fun to do and didn’t require a lot of esotic things in it.  I want to put the full version on the album I’m supposed to be working on but only time will tell.

The later track in the episode is an excert from “The Devil’s Halo” was actually inspired while playing Halo 2.  Music has always been a thing in video games that, if its good, will make me enjoy the game no matter the faults of the gameplay.  The later chorus was inspired from a commercial I saw for Infamous that was quite good.  But like all my music, the inspiration often sounds nothing like the result, which is how i like it.  “The Devil”s Halo” will be available on my upcoming album, “In the Worship of Monsters”.

Also in other news, RME finally shipped my purchase!  Its due in tomorrow, right in time for me to leave town for work the next morning.

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