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Equipment Tornado


The RME Multiface II has turned my world upside down.  So many new things learned and I’ve barely scratched the surface.  There have also been a ton of surprises on how things work, some of which have really taken some brain storming in how to hook things up and how to re-arrange the room.

For starters, I didn’t realize using the Hammerfall ASIO (which is what the Multiface uses) means having to have direct speaker output from the Multiface to use it.  I just had an epiphany tonight of how to change my setup so I don’t have to listen to what I’m playing through headphones anymore.  Basically it involves me remembering I own a second mixer.  And yes technically I could use the RME for Windows playback but it would increase the latency.

And for all my research I did on audio interfaces I never once dreamed there was such thing as a half rack unit.  Well the Multiface is a half rack and the extensions to make it a full rack cost something ridiculous like $70.  Seriously, this is for two pieces of metal that screw into the side of the unit.  $70.  I’m going to see if I can talk the people I bought it from into giving me some kind of discount since I’ve bought so much stuff from them.

Another interesting facet of the Multiface, the amount of channels you can record at a time is related directly to the quality of the output.  So if I want to record on all 16 channels at once I have to lower the audio quality significantly.  I haven’t actually tried recording any channels separately yet as I do not have the confidence in my computer to be able to handle it.  I’m also not sure what software I own that will record to separate channels.  I know Audition will but Audition lags out my computer so badly.  It seems a bit silly, Audition just in recording one track will work so slowly in processing and effecting it.  But then I have Acid running with 30+ tracks all with various effect chains going and I have absolutely no lag.  But Acid (as far as I can tell) won’t record multiple channels to separate files.

Anyway, I’m hoping the tech collecting and studio rearranging will subside for now so I can start working on some music.  I am still show casing quite a few new riffs on  I also have some other secret projects that I’m hoping pan out.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Talk to you soon.

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