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C/Fe Records MP3 Player and Store added


So I didn’t realize just how user friendly bandcamp was.  It pretty much lets anyone copy the player link with customized code for about 6 or 7 sites and tag it on to your page.  So I added the C/Fe Record sampler player which you can click on and then purchase mp3’s from.

The C/Fe sampler consists of 3 tracks from my collaboration, deciBel, and 3 from MusiM.  So I’m involved in half the CD and I guarantee you that you’ll like these tracks.  And by guarantee I mean if you don’t like them you’re a dirty liar.  Wait, what?  That wasn’t professional.  Oh well, I quit using the backspace ey long ago.  And really I mean, what am I going to, count in German to make my music popular?  Anyway, the other 6 tracks are from some good friends of mine.  To be blunt, AllThisIsMeaningless may have taken the place of having the best track on the sampler in my opinion.

Either way, go check it out.  I think its only like $8 to buy the whole thing on mp3 through BandCamp.  Just click on the player for the store.

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  1. 08/31/2010 03:49

    I should have read this sooner. I needed a little ego boost.

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