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A Different Path


It is rather exciting, this path I’ve been on.  I haven’t talked about any of the current projects I’m on because I don’t see the point.  So often in the public eye you’re measured by your failure rate even though failure the amount of failure to any one success if often ten times greater.

I really have thought long and hard about this.  Since I first picked up the guitar in the summer of 7th grade, my path has been one of disillusionment, awe, and anger.  I remember the time when I was simply happy to go play a gig for free without being on any flyers and had no issue with not receiving a sound check.  But any consistent string of gigs breeds a necessity for respect and some kind of monetary supplement.  Sacrifice is needed for any chosen way.

I’ve also noticed the different types of success you’ll find amongst musicians.  Many a virtuoso player will never be heard of because they do not care to be.  I find it fascinating how bands will become regionally famous among several states or several large cities but never create anything lasting or global.  I’ve found these bands are often the ones that spam you the most with their friends requests and flyers.  These bands often live their lives constantly on tour or die, as the tour is their income.  No its never all about the money with any band or musician, but as human beings we have to eat and we need some degree of hygiene.

The old formula for getting big generally involves printing off a CD that is relate-able to a certain demographic, and yes you dear reader are one of those demographics, and then playing as many shows as possible anywhere you can.  This generally includes being homeless and praying to make enough money on the next gig to pay for gas and food.  The gypsy like lifestyle of the touring band certainly has been as glamorized as any party culture has but I cannot imagine that it is anywhere near pleasant.

Party culture is an odd thing.  I’m so far removed from it now I remember little of whatever called me to live in it so many years ago.  Jobless philosophers criticizing business and culture until they have no choice but to live as a vagrant, die, or join it.  The amount of politics that goes into maneuvering around any party scene astounds me to this day.  Its also interesting how when I use the word “politics” I find people think on a national scale instead of the bartering and miscommunication that goes on in our own lives.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been done with playing shows.  Its not that I don’t enjoy them and truth be told if I were offered one there’s a good chance I’d accept.  No, its that I haven’t even been trying to get gigs.  After ten years of not getting sound checks, not making money, having most the people I know show up after I play, or only playing for the other bands at the event…  I’m just done.  Unless I’m randomly offered something, the next time I play will be under my terms.  I’ve had a new plan and a new path I’ve been walking.  Music is my life.  All this has been true for a long time.  I will still have new albums eventually.  And I have even more projects coming up.  But as for the parties and the shows, I’m out.

The one thing that every musician knows but actually doesn’t know, is music is everywhere and in everything.  And the number of paths to a place is only limited by your imagination.

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  1. Emily permalink
    08/07/2010 22:38

    “The number of paths to a place is only limited by your imagination.” “Music is everywhere and in everything.”

    I am really happy to read your writing again! Reading this makes me want to listen to Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, so now I am!


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