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NI Battery


You know, I thought what I did was inventive before, the way I constructed sounds and noises.  Here’s an example of one process I would use to make a beat.  I would modify sounds in Soundforge, getting them near where I want them.  Then I would use Fruity Loops 3.56 and arrange several beats.  I would use this version of Fruity Loops specifically because it sounds terrible and is a terrible piece of software.  It just produces some of the best noise.  Then I would take everything over to ACID and slice it all up and rearrange it to an extreme, possible even an entirely different tempo or time signature.  Granted I didn’t use this method every time by any means but maybe now you can appreciate how much effort goes into my tracks.

Well the combination of FL Studio 9 and Battery 3 has changed all that.  Oh yes, I’ve been doing it the extremely hard way.  Battery provides a very unique layout that I don’t fully understand yet.  A grid of boxes, all filled with samples, all editable to some degree, with every sample already setup for MIDI.  I can drag and drop any of my custom creations or choose from the myriad of professional grade sample kits that Battery provides.

Then once you take it into FL Studio 9 which is an extremely good piece of software especially for the price, you can string on all your favorite VST effects, render it, and then bring it back in and splice it.  Granted I’m still not as fond of the splicer in FL STudio 9 as I am in Sony Acid but that’s okay.

I think I love Native Instruments a bit too much.  I just can’t remember the last time I was this satisfied with the money I spent.  And the new iteration of Komplete is due out soon as well which is awesome but at the same time sucks because I can’t afford the upgrade at the moment.

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  1. 08/29/2010 10:13

    I’m lusting after Komplete 7 now. An additional 17 products plus 30 more gigs in the sample library for the same price as Komplete 6? I think they are trying to make up for the fact that they discontinued a couple of popular products, which were included in Komplete 5 but not 6. And after playing around with your NI gear, I’ll have to make the purchase as soon as I can.

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