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Updates and a Video


Its been a while since I’ve updated this.  I promise not to type as much as I did last time too.  I’ve been pretty busy with my job, a soundtrack project, my album, and The Carousel Podcast.  There’s just not enough time in the day.


A friend of mine is doing a quick special effects video for school that I’m writing the soundtrack for.  I haven’t finished it yet and I’m hoping to have enough time to help him with the sound mastering as well but we will see.  Its a pretty awesome video and pretty funny.  I’ve never composed for light hearted and humorous before so its really been an adventure.


Currently my sister is developing the artwork for In the Worship of Monsters.  All I have left aside from artwork and business details is to record the rest of the guitar for Twitch and match all the track volumes.  I just have to be home long enough and not working on the podcast or the soundtrack to do this.


And finally I leave you with an episode of Specter Vision.  What’s that I hear?  A dance version of Missing Dead?

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  1. Specter permalink
    11/18/2010 08:20

    HAH! I’ve totally seen this video before 😛

    Me and the sis looked awesome, and everyone said you looked like a mad scientist, which, in my book is the best kudos ever.


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