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Almost at the End.


So I meant to finish writing Twitch over the vacation.  Totally didn’t happen.  I did however do something like 6 recorded takes of the first verse guitar for it.  I’m just not happy with what’s there yet.  I hope I’m doing the right thing by waiting until I get the guitar part I want down and not just going with something that has a mistake or two in it.  On the plus side I already know the effects and part of the EQ I’m going to use for it once I do get it recorded.  And in case you missed it, Twitch is all I have left until my album is done.  I’m so ready to finalize it and move onto the next thing.

I’ve been listening to Cervello Elettronico a lot lately.  Jason Brown introduced them to me but I didn’t really listen to him until I bought their CD off him.  I think what keyed it in for me was driving to the music.  Its such perfect night time driving music, not too energetic, not too noisey.  It reminds me a lot of Gridlock’s The Synthetic Form in its atmosphere and composition.  Very electronic, dark, foreboding, and with some deviations into noise.  I highly recommend it but again, listen to it while driving at night.

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  1. Specter permalink
    12/29/2010 02:38

    Heh I enjoy it as well whilst driving at night…

    I’m glad you’ve waited on Twitch because the guitar is what makes that song


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