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It is Going Down.


Ah the ever persistent change of life.  Funny how we dread change and love it all at once.  And I got attacked by no less than 10 chickens in 3D Dot Game Heroes last night.  Maybe I should back up.

So work got pretty crazy this last year, to such an extent that I was working pretty much no less than 50-60 hours a week for almost a half year straight with little to no reprieve.  Forget about having the time to work on music, this completely negates the time to have emotional experiences necessary to write meaningful music.  Anyway, the last month or so things have tamed down quite a bit and life has been getting back to order.  And then there’s The Carousel Podcast (TM).  See what I didn’t realize when I started The Carousel Podcast is I’d have to, ya know, play MORE games and watch MORE movies than I already did while still ya know, paying attention to my significant other, working overtime, and so on and so forth.  Its been a blast but the balancing act is always something new.

Anyway I FINALLY have a decent idea for the first verse area of Twitch.  I mean I’ve improved it live plenty of times but if I’m going to record it, I really need something a bit more definitive.  Point being is now all I have to do is record it now.  And then of course start on the second verse, which shouldn’t be as hard.

Scott Coward has also come in to help out with final production and EQ which is a freaking blessing.  One track in particular I was banging my head against the wall, he pretty much fixed all my complaints to in one single night.

So my timeline for the album I’ve now been working on for 5 years, In the Worship of Monsters?  Soon.  Not this week or next though.

I do have some other music projects in the works as always.  One in particular is nearing competition and is a video for my friend’s college effects project.  I’ll post it whenever it happens.  I’m pretty happy with the way its starting to turn out with my only real regret is not being able to write a soundtrack faster.  I’ve actually gone through several ideas for the thing since I first wrote it as an action comedy.  After further discussion I found out that a more serious tone was needed and now we are on to a pretty nice rhythm.

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  1. Specter permalink
    03/07/2011 22:08

    Hah! Where it’s true I need attention I like how sometimes we can do that an play video games or see movies lol.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the new album because I have so many dance pieces planned, and I want to get them out before anyone else starts using it…


    In other news, we should jam more often. We can lure Scott and Clint to our house and duct tape them to the studio so they can’t leave. Then we can have pie… MMM…. Pie…


  2. 03/20/2011 10:12

    I think Scott is going to end up our official mixing engineer, whether he likes it or not. But I get the suspicion he’d quite like it.

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