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Well I’ve been slacking off since I finished The Beginning the Soundtrack musically so tonight I did a bunch of minor revisions to the website.  Namely I eliminated most of the pages and revamped the discography page since I was missing a few items from it.


I’ve also started randomly giving away codes for some of my music so watch out for that.  Already posted some on Facebook and Twitter that haven’t been claimed yet so go find those.  And I’ll tell ya, nothing could make me feel more like a loser than none of those being redeemed.  But alas it is Saturday night and probably not the best time for that.  Ah well, time will tell.


I’m hoping to get back to work on In the Worship of Monsters.  So many little details to wrap up on that one.  Also did I mention I hosted Dynamic Soundtrack the other week and included a never before heard track off the upcoming album?  Go check it out.


But also I seriously need to generate some comments and feedback!  What do you guys think of the zombie video and soundtrack and such?  Do you have a favorite track of mine?  I know the usual suspects might reply to this whom I love and adore, but lets see if I can’t recruit some newbies!

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  1. 04/10/2011 22:27

    Some might say that I am biased, as I am Musim’s sister. Others may say that I have an unfair advantage, as I have heard the as yet unreleased In Praise of Monsters album in its entirety (albeit not quite final version). I must say though, my favorite songs are Crash, which is a flamenco guitar piece, and Twitch, off of the new album. Twitch combines Musim’s guitar skills, which I love, with his unique compositional skills, and incorporates an interlacing melody that takes me back in time to the eighties with a Joy Division-ish sound. So….be sure to come back when the album is released so that you can hear it too!

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