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I started a soundcloud account. I think I’m just going to post random riffs and demos there. I improved one last night and posted it, mistakes and all. I doubt I will post an entry here every time I throw something up but it will probably auto post to my twitter and facebook. Find it here:

In other news I have other projects I need to be working on instead of randomly jamming out depressed tracks, one of which will barely take me any time to do.  Its been an overtime week at work.  And I’ve been fairly emotional lately.  And really that means I should be working on music because its such a wonderful way to get that emotion out and heal, ya know?  I think I just need a break from the world.  I have a vacation mid-May and I’m not going to check any of the social sites at all while I’m gone.  Maybe I won’t even play any games.  Well, lets not get crazy ;D

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