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In the Worship of Monsters – Buy it Now!


Yup that’s right.  Its done!  And I’m selling for only $5.  That’s less money than you would spend on a value meal at McDonalds.  Right now, its digital only.  Basically I need around $380 to do duplication or $1000 for replication.  So if everyone that listens to my podcast purchases the album digitally, then I can afford it.  And I will endeavor to sell the CD’s for around $5-$10 depending on the web service I use.  That way if you really want that hard copy you won’t have paid more than a new store bought CD.  So enjoy and let me know how you like the album!

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  1. 05/21/2011 14:55

    I keep forgetting to come by and say congratulations on the album release, at last! I will contribute my five bucks soon.

  2. 07/17/2011 17:43

    I was finally able to purchase today! Downloading now.

    • 08/10/2011 22:28

      I keep forgetting to ask, what’s your take on the thing?

      • 10/09/2011 14:13

        I just saw this. I’m not sure why wordpress failed to alert me to your reply. I’ve been thinking of posting a review of the album. I have too much to say for a comment, I think. I was just listening to it again today. It’s quite remarkable that songs like “Fallen” and “World’s End” can still be thoroughly enjoyable, nearly five years after I first heard them.

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