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Updates and Such!


So I’ve added the new tech page in the upper right hand corner where you can find out about the tech I use.  I’ll eventually give each entry its own page and such with my opinion on it and some of the songs I’ve used it on.  I probably left a few things out as is, either way it’ll be a work in progress.


So thanks to a couple licensing arrangements (well one technically) I’m now halfway to my goal to having enough money to print off some CD’s of In the Worship of Monsters.  Have you purchased this album yet?  Cause you should, its only $5.  If you’re waiting on the CD its never going to happen unless you buy the digital copy.  I know, I know you don’t want to pay for the same product twice.  The simple fact is I’m going to sell the CD for as little as possible with the only real intent of breaking even.  Realistically I’m looking at probably a $7-$10 price point.  To buy just go to


And speaking of the CD I did this whole commentary thing on the podcast I run if you’re curious in any of my inspirations or what I used on it or when it was written etc.  More than you’ll ever want to know basically.  Just go here: and select the In the Worship of Commentary option.  Note that because this podcast is at 60 kps mono a lot of the songs don’t sound right.  So if you haven’t heard the album, do that first.


And its only $5 which means if you live in England its a little over 3 pounds!


Oh I also have a gig on Sunday July 3 at Club XS!


And also a Missing Dead single might be in the works.  Maybe.  Other people might be doing the work.  You’ll find out in August.

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