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I am a depressed musician.  Music is free now, did you know that?  My choices in life to have music to create any type of income for me pretty includes living on a tour bus or magically meeting someone in an industry that can give me a job making music.  Why are those my choices?  Because 90% of the populace gets their music for free.  I thought I was hitting a nice price with $5 but I’m wrong.  Evidently asking $5 for my music is asking too much.

Where are all these people giving me tons of listens on Bandcamp?  Where are all these people that say they like my music?  I must have been left behind in life as I don’t understand how to make money out of the music industry anymore.  And I’m at a point in my life where I really need to make money off of something I love.  Music has gone the route of photography.  Hell one of my favorite videogame sites, Joystiq uses music from a website that advertises itself as free good music!  Is the touring route what I have to do now?  I mean even bands like Metallica and Lady Gaga are staying on tour 9 months out of the year, every year.  I feel like the more the world drives to the future the more cog like our lives become.

I dunno, maybe I just need to write happy music.  Just figure out what people like to listen to.  Not like I’m capable of that.  I’ve tried it.  Oh I will site down and start writing a high energy club track.  Never finished one.  Just can’t make myself do it.  Oh well, trudging onward.

Yeah so the Missing Dead single is underway.  Received the first remix back and man its good!  I’m excited and I can’t wait to hear the rest.  I probably should do another track for it in the meantime instead of making the other remixers do all the work.  The single will be released digitally in August, probably for $1.

Maybe I just need to write a new song.  I do have a plan for the next album.  I suppose I could start exploring that more.  If I actually go through with it, there will be a night and day difference between the next album and Stories/In the Worship of Monsters.

I should also make an effort into getting more of my styles out on the net so I can have some sort of online portfolio.  Hmmm…  Who to use?  The free music site?  That other site I joined not to long ago that all the DJ’s post their stuff to whose name I don’t remember?  What say you, 10 people that read this blog?

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  1. 06/19/2011 01:41

    In the end that pretty much what it boils down to….being happy and sustainable and finding that happy medium of the two in this world is a challenge for us all. Happiness and money is the yin and yang of our current world.

    I think you should change up your normal composing routine, time, place mood, ect. Push record, forget about the track and let the music speak for itself. Sounds korny, I know.

    Call me anytime, you are one my most dearest friends and I would do almost anything for you.


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