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Its Coming Up


Posted this to the wrong  blog at first so if you see a phantom Carousel post, that’s why.

So t0he Missing Dead single is underway and should be out within the month.  For my contribution I kind of just covered my song twice.  The first one is eh.  I performed it in public once.  The second one is tripping me out a bit.  I meant it to be this noise/powernoize affair and it simply didn’t want to be that.  Oh sure the highly distorted beat is there but the melody portion of the song seems to be this kind of 90’s goth affair with a guitar part that’s somewhere between The Cure and Muse’s Knights of Cydonia.  Yeah I don’t know either but I’m excited about it.  I got another neat idea that’s more a presentation thing but its just a theory at the moment.  I figure I’ll test is later this week and see if it does what I want it too.  I’m pretty excited about this single.  All the other musicians contributing have done a fantastic job and I’m excited to get that music to your ears.  Did I mention its only going to be a buck?

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