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So my primary music making computer is dead.  It is very sad for me especially since I won’t be able to afford a replacement for some time unless I can figure out a way to earn an extra grand.  The computer had a good run and had its life ended too soon.  I know I probably sound pretty silly to a lot of you anti-materialists.  I spent the last summer I lived at my parents house saving every penny I made to build this thing.  Sure it had its quirks.  Heck the machine only worked for me!  But man I loved that thing.  I could run games at full settings and have a bajillion effects and eq’s on a hundred channels for music.  Stupid lightening storm.

See the lightening storm happened after I went to bed.  When I woke up and realized the house power was surging (it had gone on and off 3x in a matter of a few minutes) I immediately unplugged the computer from the wall.  Luckily the primary thing the power killed was the power supply.  Not so luckily at some point during the 4 year life of the computer on of the heat sinks that was natively on the motherboard had popped off.  And also not so luckily when trying to force a new power supply into the computer I bent one of the CPU fan power terminals.  I did a couple tests on whether it would still start up and it worked until I hooked everything up.  The computer was leaning against the wall and I had a stupid moment and took the boot time as when to straighten it.  Something shorted and now its dead.  Replacing the motherboard is not an option.  Its a 4 year old server class board for a chip AMD wanted to sweep under the rug pretty quick.  I expect the hard drives to still work but I haven’t tested them yet.  I expect that will be tonight’s project.

Anyway, the part that hurts the most is I can’t use my expensive RME Multiface II until maybe tax return season.  Probably longer.  I’ll need a grand to get the new CPU, motherboard, and RAM and I’ll still need even more money to get a new power supply and possibly a new chassis.  Sure I could throw together a whatever AMD machine for a couple hundred bucks but if I’m going to spend money, may as well buy the upgrade instead of a bandaid.


In the meantime I’ll have to make due with my laptop.  The laptop version of the PCI card for the RME interface is tempting but its still $500, which is a little under half the cost of a new computer.  Plus I don’t think I have an extra PCI slot on my laptop.  The Audio Kontrol 1 interface will have to do in the meantime.  Its nowhere near as robust and I’ve worried about it chocking live several times but its all I have, and I have obligations to fulfill.


Now I just have to get that positive true sense of fun back so I can write what I’m supposed to write!

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  1. 08/15/2011 07:33

    Those of us who understand the computer as a musical instrument surely will not see this as materialistic. It had a good run, and here’s to hoping your hard drives survived.

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