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Dead Computer Pics


So the death of my computer was actually beyond my hands, I just made it more painful for the machine.  Here are some pics.  Basically the piece that broke off before I ever opened the thing off covered up some broken circuitry.  If anyone knows what these pieces are I’d be fascinated to know.  Also in case you were wondering, here’s the surge protector that failed to protect my machine.  Note $20 surge protectors are really only good for one surge.  And if the lightening is hardcore enough, it’ll totally jump the protective gap.  Oh and note the surge protector totally still can provide electrically to whatever is plugged in.

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  1. 08/15/2011 21:46

    *plays a death march here*

    Well, hopefully all that new music that’s about to come out will help heal the wounds a little bit… I’m depressed about the loss but I’m still excited about the future… I am SO GLAD all the data was mostly saveable! *gasp*

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