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New Machine

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So I found a rather barbed path of purchasing the parts for a new computer with credit.  Not the best route but not as bad as say getting an additional credit card or something.  I’ve spent approximately $1200 on parts (probably twice that once everything is said and done with the interest).

I opted for a 4 core 3.4 Ghz i7 with 16 gigs 1600 DDR3 ram in a rather large case with a SSD main hard drive and Windows 7 Professional.  I will be reusing my old hard drives as they are only a year or so old and also reuse my old graphics card.  The old card is the in good enough neighborhood.  While I will eventually upgrade the simple fact is music creation software does not need bleeding edge graphics.

But just for giggles, here’s how much this setup would have cost if someone else put it together for me.  I only adjusted the CPU, RAM, and SSD when the options were available for me and spent a minute or two trying to determine the most inexpensive model these companies offered.  Also note an extra terabyte hard drive for storage costs around $100 currently and an average video card can be obtained for approximately $100-$200.  No monitors were opted for.

Dell: Alienware Aurora ALX (does not include SSD HD) – $3579.00

HP – HPE H8PE Series – $2308.99 (RAM bus speed only goes to 1033)

Mac – $5474.00 (note the SSD hard drive included in this is twice as big as the one I got and is a $1000 upgrade; also obviously no Win 7 ;D )

All I’m going to write is if I ever get enough money to have other people put together a computer for me, I pray to God I don’t start wearing turtle necks.

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  1. 08/16/2011 00:26

    Please please don’t wear turtle necks… Though I am fond of them on myself I’m not so sure I’d like them on you…

    I’m just glad you’ll have a musical palette again – Whoever is reading this, if you know MusiM even a little, then you must be able to fantasize what it is like to take away his ability to write music… Or hell even just taking away his… Baby…. Yes… His Electronic progeny…

    Be happy for me… Be happy you we’re the cause either, otherwise you can visualize a 6 foot 1 inch tall amazon being the last thing you see before the punching of your lights proverbially out happens… ANd possibly more punching afterwards, out of spite…


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