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Okay so the new computer is mostly setup in that it works at a cool 40-50 degress Celsius and has about half of my music software installed.  Yeah Komplete 6 kind of takes 5 hours to install.  So now its time to finalize this single, get it uploaded, and release it.  I’ll post more on that tonight or tomorrow morning.

The case I got is pretty badass.  It has an exterior SATA slot on top of the machine.  The case was already setup for my motherboard, I just had to screw it in.  The back side of the motherboard on the case actually has a cut out which makes installing the CPU fan  I got easier.  And of course, screwless drive bays.  Well, unless you install a SSD hard drive like I did.  I also ordered a video as currently I’ve stolen Suzy’s.  She’s a good girlfriend and I’m a bad boyfriend so it works out.

So this whole time it didn’t actually occur to me that my PCIe card for my RME Multiface 2 could be dead.  And I’m pretty sure it is.  I’m mailing it into the tech center pretty soon.  First its take the card out and email RME  the serials.  Allegedly there might be a refurbished PCIe card they can sell me which is good since those cost $500 and I am out of money.  I still have a much, much cheaper audio interface that’s nowhere near as good but hopefully will work  for now.

Anyway, Missing Dead single this evening for a dollar!  Look for it!

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