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Preparing for the Weekend


So Suzy is going to DragonCon and then will come back for a day or so and then she’s off to Glitchcon.  What this means for me is a couple weekends of straight music working and videogames.  And maybe a little chainsawing tree branches.  That last part sounds manly enough, right?

I’m pretty excited even if the NI Audio Kontrol 1 is pretty disppointing  to use after the RME Multiface II.  One track I’m working on is for a Steampunk fashion show.  I have a guitar part in mind for it that I think will work out.  I’ve also decided this will be my last published song in Dm for at least an album or two.  I’ve gotten too habitual with my guitar work in that key.  What I’m doing to try and trip myself up on this particular track is tuning both E strings to D.  I know its kind of a half ass D or Dm tuning but I like what I’m getting.  The other track I’m working on I can’t actually talk about.  Ever.  Kind of a weird  experiment huh?

Anyway I’m running through all my other tracks trying to think up an idea for my  next album.  The single was a lot of fun to do and as much as I’m tempted to grab a bunch of people and do another single I’m actually burnt out “In the Worship of Monsters” at present point.  No I don’t hate it, I just need a break from everything that is it.  Plus I’m excited about all my new tracks because they have the possibility of being more popular.

And as always I’m looking into another podcast intro I was tipped off on.  More news on that if or when I figure it out and get something going.

So I need more public movement without gigs.  Point being, if you’re  reading this, maybe you could recommend one of my tracks to a friend?  Even seeing listens on bandcamp or soundcloud make me happy.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to start posting some new riffs very soon.

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