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Yeah the whole sleep thing is overrated so I’ll just ramble instead.

Just did a check on redeemed codes for the single and found out some fascinating things.  First off, Suzy is way more popular than me as half the codes she gave out were actually used.  Next up twitter people don’t like free stuff.  Facebook and the people who read this blog do though.  Still stirring the pot in terms of message board experiments.  I figure I should give those a day or two.  Several of the other bands are doing some pretty easy get a code free bit for either clicking like on their page or mine and no one seems to have taken them up on it yet.  What else is fascinating is I expected the other bands to use a code for themselves but only myself and one other band did that.  Another band actually bought the single (thanks!).  Whatevs, its my dollar now.  😛  But seriously thank you, you didn’t have to do that.

I didn’t think ahead when doing codes for In the Worship of Monsters so I can’t really keep track of who redeemed what there.  I do however know that two of the websites I submitted to have already downloaded it.

Its kind of a fascinating road to travel, trying to figure out how to get people to notice your work with minimal to no interaction.  I’m not so much a people person.  See I don’t mind people but I’m pretty judgmental about people being judgmental.  Yeah we’re all human, we all screw up, do we really need to talk about it for hours on end?

Anyway I uploaded a track titled “Airship Down” to SoundCloud.  Its pretty much two riffs right now without any changeovers.  Once I get a better idea of the song is going to contain then I’ll work on the changeover and builds a bit more.  I was going to include some guitar with it but the guitar parts I wrote changed the tone of the song too drastically.  I’ll probably record the guitar sometime in the next week and upload it as a separate tune.

Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well.  Feel free to reply with your thoughts.

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