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Updates and Such


Submitted In the Worship of Monsters to a few more review sites.  Hoping I can get one of these places to bite and post something.  I could use the publicity.


Also did some more updates on Airship down and posted it over on Soundcloud.  More detailing the song than anything.  Also did some EQ’ing and lost some volume in the process.  Will fix that later.  I also can’t seem to get away from a certain patch.  I always find somewhere to through it in.


So when my computer was fried it appeared my RME interface was as well since it would constantly crash my new computer.  I sent it in to Synthfax and they told me it was fine.  I got it back a couple days ago and then set Windows 7’s power mode to high performance which seems to have fixed everything.  Wish I had gone through a troubleshooting email with Synthfax first as I could have saved myself $50.


I haven’t recorded the guitar bit I was talking about a couple posts ago because my thumbnail broke.  And certain techniques I use on the song hurt without that edge on my thumbnail.  So waiting time on that.


Once I finish Airship Down it’ll be back to plotting for my next album.  I have two ideas in mind, its just a matter of which wants to be written/finished first.


In other news we should all peer pressure Stretch to finish the AllThisisMeaningless album.  Go bug him at  If you aren’t familiar with his music go check it out on the C/Fe sampler on Bandcamp at

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  1. specter permalink
    09/11/2011 10:35

    Im glad the interface isnt fried. In retrospect its good it only cost $50 to fix instead of having to buy a new one! O_o

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