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Moving forward and back


I suppose the bright side of having a bunch of bullshit happen in life is its perfect to ask large questions and vent into art.  Well I’m sculpting the idea for my next album.  My vision for what I want to do has been pretty fuzzy lately but its been coming back.  But if anger is anything, its definitely a motivator for better or worse.  I don’t talk about my life much on anything.  Oh sure I talk about movies, music, games, what not but I don’t actually talk about how I spend my time or my living situation.  And really I see no reason to start.  We’re limited to our perspectives.  Realize this.

From a musical perspective I’ve rediscovered Warp records.  I forgot how much I love Plaid.  And its all thanks to the videogame Sleeping Dogs.

Oh right, I posted the last DeciBel track over on Soundcloud.  Trent basically did all the drums and then sent them over to me.  I just laid some synths on top of it.  It started out as a remix for another band he was working on.  No idea if the drum samples are his or not but I’d be willing to put money down that it doesn’t sound a thing like it started with.  A lot of musicians are judgmental about that stuff even though they all do it.  I used Kontakt, microkorg, and vanguard for my portion of the song.

Also I hate the new wordpress interface.  It gets rid of categories.  I use those.  I feel a website update coming on which might be partially inspired by Axis’ new nifty site.

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