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Updates and Such


Ze computer is acting funny today, with hard drives occasionally disappearing.  I updated the SATA drivers for the motherboard so lets hope that fixes it before the podcast tonight.


I also finished the Airship Down commission earlier this week which is awesome!  And now I kind of want to change the name to “The Airship Down Commission” because I like the idea of not only there being an Airship, but a committee that wants to do a political play to blow it up.  If you’re curious about my process I posted a mix of the end of all my sessions to soundcloud.  Just go here to play it from beginning to end  Or just skip to the final version.


Now I’m thinking it might be time for a musical break.  I mean really, I’ve done a lot this year.  Released an album of tracks that I mostly wrote in other years, released an EP that all my friends did all of the work on…..  Actually come to think of it I have a certain song for the sis to write.  I have to do whatever else I’m going to do this year before Skyrim comes out.  In all honesty it has been a lot of work.  The end of doing an album is always a ton of EQ work with some possible rearranging.  And EQ work for me is the most grueling part of the process.


I can’t decide on what to do for my next album though.  I basically have three ideas: (1) a pseudo chiptune album, (2) a compilation of theme songs and commissions (which would include full versions whether a full version exists or not) and possibly remixes, or (3) an all guitar album.  Voting might help but eh, not too many people read this thing anyway.  Heck maybe I’ll do it all at once.  I keep thinking about starting a guitar Youtube channel like all the kids do now a days.


Hope everyone is well.

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