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I’ve written an entire song out of the guitar riff for that Firecraft Starfly in my Bastion riff, I’ve just only written the guitar part.  Also I can barely play the ending on beat currently.  So once I get that down we’ll see about doing the whole she-bang.


You know not to sound trite but I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that music doesn’t impress me in some capacity.  Today I’ve been kind of down, a little nauseous, and tired as hell.  Normally I think of depressing music as making me depressed.  But today I opened up Spotify and was like screw it, lets bathe in the depression and started up my “Just Kill Me” playlist.  This list includes things like REM’s Everybody Hurts, Johnny Cash covering Hurt, Buddy Guy’s take on Killing Floor Blues, Gary Jules on Tears for Fears Madworld, and Bola’s Aguilla.  The odd thing that happened is I felt all that depressive energy being absorbed by the music and am now in a good mood.  See usually the way it works is I listen to a bunch of depressing music and become depressed.


But really in reflection I suppose this realization is a long time coming.  A decade ago I was nowhere near as genre open minded as I am now.  I wouldn’t be caught dead to listening to anything like REM or Dave Matthews.  My tastes were also exclusively to the goth club scene so much so that I knew of local Norwegian noise bands looking to get on Cold Meat Industries.  I mean its really no wonder music affected me in such an inflicting way back then.


Also this whole concept really gives the music I’ve made a new sense of hope and purpose that I intend to use.


[Musim out]

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  1. Specter permalink
    10/06/2011 02:28

    Yeah Ive listened to uninvited like 17 hundred times todays… absorbtions goes the opposite way for me… Although Im into lyrics alot…

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