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Man should I ever be in bed.  So I’ve been riffin’ around on Soundcloud an awful lot (or what I feel is an awful lot) for better or for worse over the past few months.  I think its time to become a bit more focused.  Therefore I have compiled a list of my favorite riffs from the last several years that I haven’t used and I’m going to start trying to develop them into songs.  There are around 20 of them so I’m hoping I’ll wind up with an album in the end.  I also have a birthday present I owe a certain sister so I’m digging up all those riffs to get it in my head again.  What this means is I probably won’t have as much to post to my Soundcloud.  At the same time, I take a really long time to write a tune when left to my own devices so don’t except this new album to pop up any time soon.

Either way I’m not convinced too many people actually understand that the riffs I post to Soundcloud are incomplete thoughts.  Reflections in muddy water at best.  Notes made on paper that I thought would be fun to upload.  I’m not trying to belittle anyone or anyone’s favorite genre or anything.  I just got a piece of criticism that kind of unnerved me a bit (I am a sensitive guy).  For me, Soundcloud is a dart board of ideas that other people can watch and that lets me interact with other people in hopefully a positive way.  We all see and experience the world in different ways, which means we can all be right about quite a few things, especially where art is concerned.

I swear one of these days I’m going to sing on a track too.  It’ll be crazy.  Of course you can hear one track I did vocals to on my Myspace.  Note that I never check the myspace anymore.  I should probably also warn you its a comedy track.

Also none of those review sites ever reviewed me.  Anyone have any favorite review sites I should submit to?

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