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Updates and Such


Man has it ever been a doozy of a fall.  Let me run down this timeline for you.  I believe August was when I had to put together a new machine since my old was literally fried by a storm.  Soon after one of my LCD monitors died.  About a month later, my old hard drives started giving out so I spent the last of my money on some new ones.  About three weeks ago, one of them died.  Like, the Bios will not recognize it died.  Had to mail it in to Seagate which cost me $15.  Received the new hard drive last week and installed it.


Suffice it to say, I am out of practice in the department of ze writing of ze muzak.  So I’m going back to the jam out for an hour and upload it to Soundcloud routine.  Anyway, I have a new commission of sorts I’m working on for an upcoming podcast so my jams will at least start out with the intention of running closer to chiptune, although the one I started last night certainly dropped that ball pretty quick.


I started out using the TriForce VST but after layering reverb, distortion, and then padding out the riff with a dry sine from Massive it turned into a pretty raw and thick noise.  And it was about this point in the project when I realized I don’t have any of my custom Absynth patches on the computer yet.  But that’s not always a bad thing as it forced me to go through the Absynth library which is pretty top notch.  I did run with C#-ish minor for the key even though I’m stereotyping myself by going that route.  Really C minor, C# minor, and D minor are the keys that are easiest to me.  The trouble is having the patience to learn a new key well enough on piano to improvise with it.  One of these days I’m going to take piano lessons again.


Anyway I have a guitar gig next week so probably a lot of my music time will be practicing for that.  Nothing big, just background music for a dinner.  But ya know, I get paid.

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