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Its Been a While.


So I’ve written jack during the last month, musically and literally.  Played a pretty sweet gig doing background jazz for a hospital volunteer dinner where they paid me and feed me steak.  Trish and I are available for hire.  Our set list includes classics like Perdido, Girl From Ipanema, Satin Doll, and a really freakin’ sweet original that we recently named Got Into a Groove.


Anyway, so new plan on the whole album thing.  Forget full 10+ track albums, I do not have the time for it.  I mean I’m what, trying to write and talk about videogames and get someone who can hire me to notice in a positive way, work a 40-50 hour week engineering job, nurture a relationship with my fiancee, teach guitar on Saturdays, write music for MusiM, do music commission work, and do soundtracks for my friend’s Youtube videos?  Like that horribly written string of words I just wrote that I’m calling a sentence, its just not feasible.  The last few weeks have been filled with social and family obligations too.  So new plan.  4-6 track EP’s.  Boom, almost done with my first one.  Should have thought of this years ago.  Might even be able to afford cardboard sleeve or box style hard copies too.


Anyway, I have to start doing cardio again so I can channel my inner happy kid, I have another podcast song to do!  Endorphins are how I stimulate happiness.  Hopefully I’ll get some free time this weekend.

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  1. Specter permalink
    12/29/2011 03:56

    I agree about endorphins! If I didn’t have dance I would have nothing. Glad I have your awesome music to keep me happy! You should put Crash on th ep. Just sayin…

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