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Man December was dead for me and now that we’re in the new year I have a metric TON of tunes I need to write for other people.  Granted I’m not getting paid but that’s not the point.  The point is I have friends who like my music enough to desire their own custom tune.  Its looking like the first one is done but I’m still waiting on the final comments from the party.


The next one is requiring me to use a guitar pick again which I have horribly slacked on.  I’ve written two ideas for this one but I was listening to some old 80’s metal the other day (or 80’s rock by today’s standards) and came up with a fun idea.  We’ll see if it works in execution.


And I actually have two more projects beyond those I just mentioned.  One is a remix and one is a three tracks for a single party.  So color me excited!  Now I just need to get the endorphins flowing so I can write some upbeat music!   Well maybe not for the remix.


I do still have my next album in mind.  It’ll be 4-6 tracks and so far two of those are done.  Another of the tracks I’ve written like a 4 minute guitar track for and I’m pretty sure the song will write itself once I get around to recording the guitar.  The other 1-3 tracks are completely up in the air.  I might turn The Carousel theme in a full fledged song.  That one really depends though if I can make it better.  I don’t want to make a soulless crappy version of my podcast’s theme song so again, might not happen but its on the plate.  My goal is to sell the album for $5 so I need at least 5 tracks to do that but if March hits and I don’t have those done I may just do a cheap 3 tracks for a dollar bit.  I don’t want to sit on finished tracks for years again.


Anyway, that’s where I’m at.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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