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Man I’m old.  I elected to play Heroclix instead of seeing VNV Nation again.  Also I’m drinking a little which always means uncle John’s going to be a little more frank than usual.  Frank what am I, eighty?

Anyway, next mini-album is underway.  When writing music there’s always a fear of the music that’s done becoming irrelevant.  This is especially true where electronics is concerned since so many people base the quality of electronic music on the latest tech filling out the EQ stream in new and interesting ways.  And it also doesn’t help that I discovered that an attitude at Bethesda is that once a produce is out, its now crap and they have to figure out how to make a better one.  This is unfortunately my mentality on music.

I’ve had a lot of music to write for other people later which is nice except I’m not meeting any of my personal deadlines.  Plus upfront, upbeat or happy music does not come naturally to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love writing music for other people and I love challenges.  Think of it this way.  Picture yourself in a bad mood and then imagine how much happy people piss you off when you’re in that mood.  Now apply that to writing music.  No I’m not depressed but I have moods that do their damnedest to decide what type of music I’m going to write.

Anyway, next mini album is currently 4 tracks consisting of Exquisite, Airship Down Commission, and two unnamed.  The first two are done aside from some minor EQ tweeking.

And then there’s dubstep.  I’ve been trying to figure out the techniques used in making it.  I have a pretty good idea of how its done I just haven’t implemented it yet.  Not to say I will ever release a dub step track (or at least one that I consider dub step).  See I love different styles of music.  In the words of Ghost in the Shell, over specialize and die.  Inbreeding has never done anyone any good.  All innovations in music have come from multiple styles and cultures coming together.  To close yourself off stylistically as a musician is like eating McDonald’s during your work out regimen.

Also who decides whose stuff gets to be popular?  What brings a giant public consciousness together to accomplish this?

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