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Well I’ve been busy lately but I still feel lazy, which is an odd state to be in.  Getting married next week which is exciting.  Stretch (AllThisIsMeaningless) is back in town so we’ve been working on some tunes.  Mostly finished what is probably/hopefully the intro track the other weekend.  Now I just need spare time to work on music again.

Found out a few crazy things.  Jeremy Latcham, a dude I went to high school with and barely knew is one of the producers for The Avengers.  One of my old friends from jazz band’s brother is one of the guitar players for the Queen reunion band.  Its cool and depressing all at the same time.  I’m ecstatic for these people but I’m also asking myself, what the heck have I been doing?  I can do more.  Why haven’t I been doing more?  When did my being a fan usurp my creativity?  I need to get out of Tulsa.

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