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Its been extremely busy for me lately.  Haven’t had much time to do anything but work and recover from work.  This weekend has been a blessing in that I’ve just gotten to stay home and recuperate.  I’ve been awfully reflective lately too.  Starting going through old project files.  A lot of stuff that was never finished and might never see the light of day.  I’ve contacted the other people involved in those tracks to see if they’d care if I put them up on soundcloud as free downloads.  Here’s hoping.

Lately I’ve been taking the time to learn a bit more about my software and equipment.  Still no expert on any of it but its a start.  Also been thinking I need to get back into electric guitar more.  I’ve gone classical only too long.  And now I have a much better ear for FX too.  I just wish guitar were as easy to record as a MIDI track.

I need a site redesign.  No idea what I want.  Maybe something that’s more me.

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