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I’m going to try and use this thing more often.  The trick is not writing too much cause I like to write.

I heard back from Steven and Trent on the free tracks so I’ll be uploading those over the next few weeks.  I’ll probably upload all the deciBel stuff one week and the Axis stuff the other.  I’m also intending on writing a bit to go with each song on its creation, history, credits, and such.  Trent and I had actually discussed giving away all the deciBel stuff before but I never got around it and then forgot.

Lately my musical undertakings have really just been exploring Komplete 8 and learning the software I own better.  FL Studio takes a lot of crap and if you’re a mostly MIDI/VST based musician then aside from Ableton Live I don’t understand why you’d use anything else.  But then again I’ve never understood people who only want one tool for a job.  They make wrenches in different sizes for a reason.  If you’re not making a score then why use Vegas over Acid?

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately.  Mainly asking myself what makes a song?  For a long time I thought the only ingredient was feeling extreme about something.  Highly passionate.  But that doesn’t make sense.  We don’t live life in extremes most of the time.  Very few members of the angry, hateful metal bands aren’t goofy wise crackers outside of the stage.  And no goth is actually scary to anyone but a stereotype recluse church goer.  Hell, Death Cab for Cutie made a career out of non-extreme lyrics.  Granted I have no desire to sound like them, its just an example.

Anyway, this week is Carousel and next is DragonCon.

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