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Axis – Flux Demo

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I have a lot of ideas on at last interacting with the world through words and music through this blog.  I’m attempting the Penny Arcade Method of an entry or posting new musical content 2-3 times a week.  Energy is a big factor in it all and something I typically don’t have much of.  The plan is to post one or two demo free to downloads a week to Soundcloud starting with some old deciBel and Axis stuff.  Without further ado, lets discuss Flux.

Fluxwas never finished as evidenced by this 2-3 minute version.  Flux in an esoteric way is a lot like the history of Axis.  Axis has had probably a total of around 15-20 different members over the years.  They started out with Jason and Steven, who probably wrote at least the basis for at least half the initial album Death and Rebirth.  Jason had left the band before I joined.  And the female singers of the band usually consisted of whoever was in the band’s significant other with the one exception that I know of, Layla.  I came on as a guitar player around the beginning of 2005 and stayed in the band until around summer of 2008.

My first big task in the band was improving the incredibly simple guitar parts.  Some people might think I’m condescending today (I’ve never understood the criticism myself) but back then I was super critical of guitar players.  Andy was the other guitar player in the band when I started who eventually moved to Vegas.  As much as I like Andy I was very happy to become the only live guitarist for the band.  With Andy’s departure the band became the family I knew for years and we rocked hard.  Trent, James, Steve, Joy, and I.  It was a fun lineup and we could move a crowd.  Some of my best memories of live gigs with the band were at an old warehouse downtown where we would play off and on all night long with our friends jumping around with us.

Unfortunately, we were all drama queens.  Every single gig someone had an issue and refused to play.  Sure Pitterspattler, God in a Machine, and Axis may be good friends now but good god the drama of the first meeting.  I wasn’t even at the venue when whatever happened but the next thing I know half the band is looking to fight and getting in myspace wars.  And really this happened at every gig.  A lot of our friends liked us but unfortunately our promoter friends really just liked using Steven for free sound equipment.  While this guaranteed us opening up for bands like Thrill Kill Kult and Haujobb this also guaranteed our sets would be promised at 45 minute and reduced to 20 minutes often which always set me off.  Eventually it got to be too much and everyone but Steve and his new girlfriend who replaced his ex-wife as singer quit.  They’re still at it now but its really a completely different band than it used to be.  Just like it was a completely different band when it was Steve and Jason.

Flux has a similar history and like the band remains unfinished.  The original version Steve wrote all the instruments to and Trent laid vocals over.  Its a pretty good version if you ask me but we never could figure out how to bring energy to it live.  Steve wanted a new version and assigned Trent and I to the task which is where a portion of what I’ve uploaded comes from.  The problem is I evidently don’t remember the specifics of who did what.  I know I did the guitar, bass, and some of the synths because I have the files and use programs the others don’t (or didn’t at the time).  I also know I was involved in making the intro to it because you don’t forget being locked in a room with Trent.  But Trent claims he never heard the guitar and bass parts which means I did those with Steve possibly?  Trent actually has a mostly finished version he did that has almost none of my contributions on it which blew my mind since I didn’t now it existed.  At least that’s what I thought until I found the file for it on my hard drive.  So to some it up, Trent, Steve, and I all did stuff and this happened somehow in 2007sih.  Enjoy.

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