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Axis – KatKiller

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So way back in the day, Steve and I used to name the songs from the start through the project file name.  Eventually that turned to us messing with each other.  For some reason or another Steve named this file “I just killed your cat” and from there it went to “dead cats and such” to finally being “katkiller”.  Obviously none of these would ever be used for the title.  Oh there seems to be a kick labeled “fuck your mom”.

This song started out with Steve making a bunch of beats.  I heard it and decided it needed a huge kick and did some EQ’ing and effecting of some of the drums and came up with the guitar.  Later on Steve made up the appregiator sequence on the fly matched the bpm by ear.  We wrote the break down section together.  Never could quite figure out how to finish up the song.

Funny story, a lot of the synth on this track I’m pretty sure is the Astation Steven eventually sold me even though he’s the one using it.

According to the file we were working on this in 2007.  You can listen and download it here:

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