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Axis – Going Back

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In a way I feel real bad for Steven back in the day.  A lot of the time he would write something, ask Trent and I just to add guitar and then we’d remix the whole freakin’ thing and add a ton of our own synths and drums.  Granted part of that was because Trent and I had no songs we performed that were entirely our own.  But then again that part was also circumstantial.  The primary reason Steve had so many songs that only he had written is that he had simply been in the band way longer.  Granted Steve did randomly write entire finished songs which drove my guitar elitism up the wall.  Working as a group is hard.

So Going Back was essentially once of those done-ish riffs.  I took it home, added a bunch of my own drums, did some effects and editing where Steve’s drums were concerned, and added a synth or two.  It sounds almost entirely different from the original in my opinion.  I think the song was eventually given to Trent to do something with who promptly made an entirely original song that had nothing to do with the other versions.

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