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Axis – STFU Stomp

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Its a little sad in that I think this is all the Axis demos I have so we’ll be moving on deciBel after this.

In the past I would have argued that this tune was the pinnacle of our writing back in the day.  Looking back I would actually argue that was Absent (off of Death and Rebirth) but this one would definitely hit in second.  Its also the most finished of everything I’ve uploaded.  No lyrics were ever written to it and some of the guitars could use some recording and everything needs EQ’ing but that’s how demos go.

This was one of those tunes that Steve wrote and then Trent remixed and then I remixed.  Most of Steven’s original synths made it through the changes though.  Trent re-wrote the drums and structured the song.  I added all the guitar and  a few synths, gave the song a chorus and finished out it out.

In retrospect we probably should have released it as an instrumental but then again I think I was the one who liked the song the best out of the three of us.  Anyway, check it out for yourself and download it:


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