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deciBel/Axis – Where is My Mind


This is a hard track to write about because while the Pixies are wonderful, this cover has a lot of personal meaning to me.  I’ve been pretty light hearted in these posts so far but I can’t get away from getting a little down this time because this cover embodies all the pain and strife from leaving Axis to starting deciBel.  While I don’t do anything major for any single reason, bitterness was definitely part of what brought Trent and I together for deciBel.  Or at least for me it was.  That was probably also part of why we grew apart.

This was originally a cover I started for Axis.  I think we played it live maybe once as Axis.  As deciBel we closed every show with it.  When I left Axis, I took everything I did that wasn’t finished with me and stopped talking to Steven and Britney.  That’s also the reason why you’re only now hearing all these tracks 5 years later.  Originally Steve did a bunch of drum work on it and came up with the idea for the two note piano emulating the female singer.  I was so angry I literally removed everything he did and made my own version of it.  I later came up with the guitar and piano solo bits.  Trent talked me into keeping one drum back track which is barely in the song.  Its hard for me to write about.  There were so many nights at Extinction that Steve, Dylan, and I drunkenly welcomed the dawn with the original of this song.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t highlight the amount of work Trent put into his vocals.  There are a ton of back tracks that Frank Black did and just a lot of random noise that had to be an accident due to the recording method.  Trent did all of it.  Things I didn’t even know were there.  I’m a bit nervous writing about Trent truth be told.  We tend to remember things entirely different and he’s never particularly happy with my interpretation of him so hopefully I won’t get any hate mail out of all this as the next couple weeks will all be deciBel tracks.  But truth be told I may never be done talking about my time with Axis.

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