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You know, when you have like 20 people that like your music should you really be keeping ideas secret?

I’ve been in a writing funk lately.  That’s funk as in blocked, lazy, and dissatisfied   So I uploaded something I am satisfied with to my soundcloud, a tune called Exquisite.  You could argue that it has elements of dub step in it but no way is it dub step.  But then again considering dub step is like splicing out the details out of songs of a couple other genres you could simply say I made a song that was inspired by stuff.  Like that intro?  Totally inspired by FF7.

But back to the topic, basically work has been killing me lately.  Not a lot if any overtime but every minute of the day is at 90 mph it seems like.  Top that off with a family project I need to be working on and at attempt at relaxing every once and a while and I’ve been fairly unproductive.

Hopefully soon I am going to start posting some free deciBel tracks to download (none off the sampler, just go buy it!) and then start a Youtube channel that I haven’t put any thought into other than playing some of my acoustic guitar originals that will never make it to a CD.

Anyway, that’s my update.  Later!

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