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dB – Hypocrisy


I know its been a while but its time to go through the deciBel tracks.  Truth be told I’m dreading this as much as I’m excited about it.  To say Trent and I have had a volatile relationship over the years would be an understatement.  And I do mean years, we became friends when I was 14 or 15.  To top it off pretty much every situation Trent and I have encountered he remembers in one color and I remember in the opposite color.  So its safe to say, none of this or the following posts on this reflect any of Trent’s thoughts, views, opinions, feelings or any other word that would fit in there that feels left out.

I originally wrote Hypocrisy for Axis.   I tried pretty hard to get everyone else to learn it but it always felt like no one else cared.  We eventually sat down and adjusted the piece a bit, with Trent modifying some of the change overs, laying down a vocal line, and writing a female vocal line that I unfortunately do not have a copy of.  Trent and I were ready to perform it but Steve and James never were.  I don’t have any speculation on the subject left in me truth me told.  Everyone’s world blew up around then, some more than others.

When I left Axis it was on anything but good terms.  I took all the unfinished music I had worked on with me at that.  Trent and I formed deciBel to do some more hard hitting electronic stuff.  Hypocrisy was our first song.

When I initially wrote Hypocrisy I was thinking of live application.  I needed parts for everyone in Axis to play hence all the guitar, realistic drums, and potential bass or keyboard lines.  On a side note, some of the stuff that sounds like guitar in this song is actually keyboards and vice versa.  I sent my Astation through a distortion pedal.  The bass line was done my microkorg and a distortion pedal.

I don’t write angry music very often.  Anger is an overplayed emotion.  Rarely is a situation solved with anger alone and rarely does anger actually help anyone.  I spent many years being a pretty angry and hateful individual.  When I let it all go I was empty for a long time.  Its poisonous, its egotistical, and its self deprecating.  If people truly were good or evil, it would be more applicable, but they’re not.  But the problem with demonizing anger is creating a situation where the person depreciates themselves for getting angry, which doesn’t work either.  We’re all human beings and we’re going to go through the entire rainbow of emotions no matter what we do.

Hypocrisy is a pretty angry song, musically and lyrically.  Its seethes and then it lets it out.  I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. 12/04/2012 09:43

    I love this song – it always makes me wanna swing my hair ANGRILY

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