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DeciBel – Hollow

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My mind is pretty scattered lately.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m writing my own musical obituary with these behind the scenes posts.

So Hollow.  Trent emailed me a skeleton drumbeat with the chant he made up for the chorus and I went to town.  Its unfortunate because I don’t think Trent ever recorded the verse.  And I never recorded the intended guitar solo.  Man I have no issue soloing my ass off live but when it comes to recording I really obsess over every single note.  Truth be told I have a hard time not viewing my recorded version of Twitch as a failure (off ItWoM).

Hollow is an interesting song because I know Trent wrote these lyrics but man did they ever resonate with me at the time, and not just because Hollow was an online alias I used for a bit.  I love speculating, whether I’m right or wrong (its more about the fun of the attempted deduction), so I like to think of this as a point where Trent wrote something for me.  In a way I think its what he and I related to most even though he had issues with the song.  I’m to this day surprised at how readily he accepted almost everything I did on it.

Part of me really wants to upload the original skeleton track Trent sent me.  Of course part of me also wants to upload the original version of Subsistent I sent to Trent as well.  I don’t know that anyone would interested in that though.  My assumption is most would not.

Anywho, this was written in 2008.  Enjoy.

Also a quick reminder, all the Axis and DeciBel tracks I’ve uploaded are free to download.

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