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DeciBel – Next


Well I’m almost out of DeciBel tracks to post.  We have one more after this which I will post before the new year.  Maybe this is an obituary in terms of the tarot card for Death.  If you know anything about tarot cads then you know that the Death card is really just a signal for change.  I may not buy into the magic of it all but I love the poetry of it.  The hardest of adult life for me is remembering to practice.  Of course I’m going to have writer’s block if I never try new things or improve.

This song has a convoluted history.  Or at least the DeciBel version does.  After I forced my first album, Stories, on the world I tried to get all my friends to remix something.  Trent picked out Next to remix.  I seem to remember him wanting to mess around with Eat as well but I don’t think he ever got around to it.  I released most of the remixes (ATIM never gave me a final version for his…) on a limited to the twenty or so preorders bonus disc.  I may revisit those remixes and release them digitally eventually.  I would feel a little bad since I promised the preorder people those tracks were for them but I seriously doubt any of them would care, assuming they remember at all let alone still down the disc.

Anyway, once Trent and I started DeciBel he wanted to make an intro song out of his remix.  Near the end of our little project’s life I really wanted something new out of the song and threw together a very loose idea just to see what he would think.  Note there is nothing finished in this writing, recording, or production wise.

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