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Sea of Ghosts


My last album as MusiM is out and titled (obviously) Sea of Ghosts.  I worked long and hard on this.  One of our dogs passed away.  I had a friend stop talking to me.  I’ve had money troubles like mad.  Suzy got to fulfill one of her life dreams and I got to help.  Life has happened in the five (!) years since my last album.  All the people we know, all the people we used to know, all the dreams we’ve held, are the sea we navigate through.

Sure, there’s that one in a million chance, the jackpot, that this will sell ridiculously well and I’ll continue using the “MusiM’ alias.  But more likely, I’m just going to start releasing things under my real name with a more focused intent.  Previously, I wrote whatever I want whenever I wanted.  Now I really want to get better at working with other musicians or do solo projects with a strict set of parameters.

Sea of Ghosts has a lot on it.  4 vocal tracks, 4 soundtrack style tracks, and probably half the album can qualify for club play.  There’s a huge variety of style and intent.  And I think its the most (never sure what word to use here) approachable album I’ve ever written.  If you didn’t like my previous albums and like electronic music, I’m betting you will find a few somethings on here you like.


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