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Current Projects

The Carousel Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by John “MusiM” featuring discussion and banter over the topics of comics, movies, music, and videogames.

– MusiM –

MusiM is the solo project of John Beauchamp.  This project adheres to no constant use of any one musical styling.  The point of this project is for John to do whatever he wants, however he wants it.  The first album, Stories, is set as a horror soundtrack and show cases very etheral soundtrack style tracks.  Stories is darker than dark.  Proof in concept is comparing Stories to the tracks released exclusively on the C/Fe Records sampler.  The next album, In the Worship of Monsters, promises to continue this line of differentiation.

Completed Projects

The Beginning

A 5 minute short student special effects piece that features a soundtrack composed by MusiM.  Purchase the soundtrack at for $1.

Picking Up the Pixels

Theme songs for the new monthly RPG focused podcast.  Entirely original content.

No Quarters

Starting on episode 39, the intro and outro music for No Quarters videogame podcast is by me.  Go listen at:

Super Budget Brothers

Theme song for the budget game reviewing brotherly duo.

That Video Game Podcast

Starting on episode 141, the theme song for That Video GAme Podcast (TVGP) is now an original piece by MusiM.  The piece is a mash up of Twitch and Other, two tracks that will be featured on the upcoming album “In the Worship of Monsters”.  This also means the TVGP intro is exclusive so go listen at:

Abandoned Projects


From 2005-2007, John Beauchamp was the guitar player and song writer for Axis.  Most of the tracks John was involved with are on their debut CD, Death and Rebirth.

– deciBel –

Named after Alexander Graham Bell’s unit of measurement, deciBel is the collaboration of John Beauchamp and Trent Tomlinson.  This project adheres to experiments in darkwave, industrial, and synthpop.  deciBel is actually the name of the project’s first album, due to debut later this year, with the name of the band not yet announced.  deciBel has been pronounced dead by both John and Trent.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Jal permalink
    05/08/2013 11:26

    Where can I find the music in full from Picking up the Pixels? Really hope you see this and comment back on here. I will be checking!


    • 05/08/2013 11:34

      Honestly, all my podcast songs are exactly what you hear. Every once in a while I will try and expand on one but I haven’t come up with anything that’s worth making a full blown 3-5 minute track out of. If you want downloadable versions of those 30 second tracks I can see about making those available.

  2. Jal permalink
    05/08/2013 12:00

    I suppose that’s the beauty of a ‘jingle’, – short and sweet.
    That would be fantastic but if it’s a lot of hassle don’t worry I can just cut them out of the podcast. I’ve been listening around this website today and you’ve got some really cool music on here. Do you do anything else with a 8/16bit style?

    Thanks for such a quick reply!

    • 05/08/2013 12:07

      Sometimes I can reply pretty quick, sometimes I can’t. I’ll see if I can’t get something up when I get some spare time this weekend.

      A year or two ago I was working on a pseudo-chiptune album but lost my wind on it. I have a few sketch type ideas on my Soundcloud (or at least I think I still do, haven’t been there in a while). I don’t have any straight up chip tune stuff but I have a lot of video game inspired stuff – Paths (lost) off the C/Fe Menagerie volume 1, Ode to Another M off In Worship of Monsters.

      I may have to dust off those unfinished tracks tonight and see if there’s a finishing line in sight.

      • Jal permalink
        05/11/2013 14:38

        I’ll have a listen to those tracks.

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